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Welcome to Women and Children's Services

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Centra offers a wealth of services for women and children. Maternity services at Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital are a recognized hallmark. Each year, our experienced delivery staff helps mothers bring over 2,400 new babies into the world. Our medical expertise is widely recognized, and we offer facilities that are among the most up-to-date in the country.

From childbirth education programs to birthing and mother-baby services, perinatal and neonatal capabilities, pediatric services and women's health programs, we provide women and children with personalized, professional care. For more information, please call 434.200.4537.

The Pediatric Center

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Our pediatric center serves sick children from birth to their teens. We focus on family-centered care, because we recognize that when a child becomes ill and hospitalized, it affects the entire family. Our staff is part of an interdisciplinary team that works with families to deal with juvenile diabetes, asthma, sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis and other diagnoses.

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We also offer a free meal service for parents who do not wish to leave their child. We understand that children may have fears about being in the hospital. Our pediatric nursing staff is experienced and sensitive to meeting your child's needs.

Birth Outcomes

Centra and our community are working together to reduce the number of infant deaths through education of 11 areas. The goal is to ensure that every baby born has the best chance possible to reach their first birthday happy and healthy.

Please join us in recognizing these areas throughout the year as displayed below:

  • February: Prenatal Care
  • March: Nutrition
  • April: Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • May: Mental Health
  • June: Home Visiting
  • July: Family Planning
  • August: Breastfeeding
  • September: Safe Sleep
  • October: Domestic Violence
  • November: Smoking Cessation
  • December: Medical Home and Preconception Care

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